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The Hull Picture
By Hull's friend

About Arizona artist Gregory Hull

Best Selling oil paintings
By River Len

What paintings are best selling paintings? Different people have different views, from most sellers, the top sellers are ....

Female Artists Unite
By Babara

All female artists together.
By medy

Is a Powerfull Team Building System.

By phazeddl 2 mini


artTopTen - the most expensive paintings in the world
By d'abrigeon artresearch

the 10 most expensive paintings in the world

You Can Unleash the Great Artist Within You
By Olga Nazarkina

Each of us has a little child - an artist inside. In each and everyone of us is a direct perception of the world around us which speaks to us. We need to express ourselves, express our feelings and thoughts. This is not a desire to become an artist - we are already artists - we create - we draw - we paint- we write...

Buying Oil Paintings: Are You Decorating, Collecting or Investing?
By Tony Gosling

When buying art for your home it is important at the outset to decide what you are buying art for. Peoples reasons split into three main categories ; decorating, collecting or investing and what you need to look for in each is very different. This article gives some tips to help you decide what kind of art to buy.

By 4seas

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