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We've been in custom painting service for ten years, it is the most interesting part of our job, because you sometimes got only some ideas of the paintings to be. It need a lot time on communications with the customer and artists.

We handle all kinds of custom painting commissions, include portrait, scenery, stilllife paintings, and pet, house,Auto,airplane,Some digital artists also commission us customised paintings, because sometimes they need higher resolution picture to enhance their work. If the picture chosen is in low resolution, the final paintings looks not cute, after painters had handly worked on canvas, the picture became very large sized on canvas, then digital artists scan or shoot high resolution photo, paste it into their work and continue the re-fine, and creation. Any way, customised painting has stunned result sometimes, for example, Some customers would like painters put himself in a historical scene. he choose an picture, and send us a photo of himself, and we replace one of the major roles with customer's face. Also we are expecting and encourage more interesting and more cool way by the custom painting. Have fun !

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