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Mural painting is a very good option for interior designing and decoration, particularly in big space or a lobby hall, a mural painting should be watched and enjoyed in a certain distance. Some owners of house and interior designers express their their individuality through murals. The trend for featured walls has increased commissions for muralists in the world, If you want to save the commission cost, buy pre-painted murals in a good idea:

1. It's more real than printed mural. Although nowdays digital equipments can reproduce some art work in very high resolutions, the art was not designed and composed for your wall and your space, and size / proportions of width and height is also a problem, the mural does not always fit your wall. And more pre-printed digital prints can't hide the zigzags when a picture enlarged too much.

Pre-painted mural tells different story, you can choose from thousands of pictures in various catalogues, magazines, and change them into your idea, crop them and make them fit your walls, your idea and your expectations.

2. Pre-painted mural is more cost effective than commissioning an artist work for you on site.