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Most Famous 19th Century Original Painting Framing
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A Study Table

Academic Study (male) Nude ,

Academic Study of a Man

ANDREA DEL SARTO Study For The Baptism Of The Peop

Animal Study

Annunciation (study)

ANTONELLO da Messina St Jerome In His Study

Carolus Duran Study of Lilia

Creti Donato Study Of A Young Boy Seen From Behind

DELACROIX Eugene Study for Jenny Le Guillou and Jo

DELACROIX Eugene Study of Sky Setting Sun

Fields and Trees, Autumn Study

Garden Study of the Vickers Children

Hughes Arthur Amy study

Ipswich Field Flower Study

Last Supper study WGA

Portrait of a Gentleman in his Study

portrait study of Elisabeth

Poynter Edward Study for the Fresco at St Stephens

St Jerome in his Study

Still life study of silver, glass and fruit


Study The Water~s Edge

Study at Pontoise

Study for Lord Ellesmere

Study for Lord Ellesmere

Study for Portrait of Frank Haviland

Study for the Charging Casseur

Study for the Figure of the Source at the Paris Co

Study for The Raft of the Medusa

Study for the sleep of Endymion

Study from nature , Rocks and trees

Study of a Dog

Study of a Female Nude

Study of a Figure Outdoors(facing left) , 1886

Study of a Figure Outdoors(facing right) , 1886

Study of a Head of Christ

Study of a Nude

Study of a Woman

Study of a Young Girls Head

Study of a young girls head

Study of a young girls head another view

Study of a Young Girls Head, another view

study of ballerina

Study of Hands

The Ship of Fools (study)

Thorburn Archibald Study Of Sandpipers Cream Colou