5 Oil Paintings

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Most Famous 19th Century Original Painting Framing
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Altarpiece of the Holy Sacrament (Detail) 5

Angel 5

Annunciation 5

Arrival of the English Ambassadors (detail) 5

Beach Scene 5

Christ Handing the Keys to St Peter (detail) 5

Deauville , the Basin 5

Discovery and Proof of the True Cross (Detail) 5

Flowers 5

Isenheim Altarpiece The Crucifixion (detail) 5

janmot louis le poeme de l ame 5 souvenir du ciel

Laundresses on the Bankes of the Touques 5

Legend of St Francis 5 Renunciation of Wordly Good

Life of Christ 5

Madonna with the Child 5

Maestš€ (detail) 5

Nativity 5

Portrait of a Man 5

Portrait of a Woman 5

Roses 5

Scenes from the Life of Joachim 5 Joachim~s Dream

Scenes from the Life of Saint Francis 5 Confirmati

Scenes from the Life of St Francis 5

Scenes from the Life of the Virgin 5 Marriage of t

St Ursula Shrine (scene 5)

The Beach at Trouville 5

The Calling of Saint Matthew (detail) 5

The Dijon Altarpiece (Detail) 5

The Legende of St Anthony of Padua (Detail) 5

The Martyrdom of St Matthew (detail) 5

The Passion (detail) 5

The Punishment of Korah (detail) 5

The Tempest (detail) 5

The Temptation of Christ (detail) 5

Trouville , Beach Scene 5

Trouville , the Jettys , Low Tide 5

Trouville , the Port 5

Water Lilies 5