Charles Oil Paintings


Most Famous 19th Century Original Painting Framing
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A King Charles Spaniel

carolus Duran Charles Emile

Carolus Duran Charles Emile A Portrait Of Philippe

Carolus Duran Emile Auguste Charles Portrait Of Mm

Chaplain Charles Young Girl with Bouquet

Chaplin Charles A Beauty with Doves

chaplin charles a conversation overheard

chaplin charles a young girl drawing

Chaplin Charles After the Masked Ball

Chaplin Charles Blowing Bubbles

chaplin charles girl in a pink dress reading with

Chaplin Charles La Jeune Fille Aux Colombes

chaplin charles la ragazza col nido

Chaplin Charles Portrait Of A Young Girl

Chaplin Charles Ready For A Masked Ball

chaplin charles reflection

chaplin charles the game of lotto

chaplin charles the lost bird lost virtue

chaplin charles two girls bathing

Charles AmableLenoir LaBergere Large

Charles Benvignat

Charles FrancoisJalabert NymphsListeningtotheSongs

Charles III

Charles Pelham

Charles River and Beacon Hill

COELLO Claudio King Charles II

Cope Charles West Breakfast Time

Cope Charles West Hope Deferred And Hopes And Fear

Cope Charles West Spirit of the Well

Cope Charles West The Thorn 1866

Delort Charles Edouard Edmo

Delort Charles edouard edmond La Fete De Vendange

Delort Charles Edouard The Proposal

Delort Charles Edward A Voluptuous Smoke

Gleyre Charles Albanian Peasant Athens

Gleyre Charles Armenian Priest Smyrna

Gleyre Charles Diana

GLEYRE Charles Gabriel Egyptian Temple

GLEYRE Charles Gabriel Evening Or Lost Illusions

GLEYRE Charles Gabriel The Queen Of Sheba

Gleyre Charles Madchen und Amor

Gleyre Charles Marc Gabriel Daphnis Et Chloe Reven

Gleyre Charles Marc Gabriel Le Soir Ou Les Illusio

Gleyre Charles Oriental Lady

Gleyre Charles Romans Under the Yoke

Gleyre Charles Tanz der Bacchantinnen

Gleyre Charles Turkish Woman (Annetta) Smyrna

Gleyre Charles Zeibeck of Smyrna

Gleyre Charles Zwei Frauen mit Blumenstrauss

Halle Charles Edward Frencesca and Her Lute

Halle Charles Edward The Dancing Girl

Halle Edward Charles Luna

Hunt Charles A Cottage Concert

Hunt Charles Paddys Wedding

Hunt Charles The Card Players

Hunt Charles The Peace Maker

Hunt Charles The Prisoner

Jacque Charles Emile A Shepardess Watering Her Flo

Jacque Charles Emile A Shepherdess With Her Flock

Jacque Charles Emile A Shepherdess with Her Flock

Jacque Charles Emile Homeward Bound

Jacque Charles Emile Landscape With A Flock Of She

Jacque Charles Emile Landscape with Sheep

Jacque Charles Emile Le Troupeau

Jacque Charles Emile Les Moutons Dans Le Sous Bios

Jacque Charles Emile Sheep At Pasture

Jacque Charles Emile Sheep In A Forest

Jacque Charles Emile Shepherdess

Jacque Charles Emile Shepherdess Resting With Her

Jacque Charles Emile The Swineherd

Jacque Charles Emile Troupeau De Vaches A L Abreuv

Jalabert Charles Francois Le Christ marchant sur l

Jalabert Charles Francois Oriental Woman

Jalabert Charles Francois The Plague of Thebes

Joan of Arc on Corronation of Charles VII in the C

King Charles II of Spain

Kuwasseg Charles Euphrasie A Coastal Scene In Norm

Kuwasseg Charles Euphrasie Au Bord De La Riviere

Kuwasseg Charles Euphrasie Promenade En Bateau

Kuwasseg Jr Charles Euphrasie An Alpine Village

Landelle Charles Albret Kaempfen

Landelle Charles Alfred de Musset (1810 1857)

Landelle Charles An Armenian Woman

Landelle Charles Angel dt2

Landelle Charles Charles Baudin Amiral de France

Landelle Charles La Renaissance

Landelle Charles Les Femmes de Jerusalem captives

Landelle Charles Zacharie An Angel Holding a Chali

Landelle Charles Zacharie L%20Italienne

LE BRUN Charles Adoration Of The Shepherds

LE BRUN Charles Allegory

LE BRUN Charles Apotheose Of Louis XIV

LE BRUN Charles Chancellor Seguier At The Entry Of

LE BRUN Charles Entry Of Alexander Into Babylon

LE BRUN Charles Holy Family With The Adoration Of

LE BRUN Charles Martyrdom Of St John The Evangelis

LE BRUN Charles The Resolution Of Louis XIV To Mak

LE BRUN Charles The Triumph Of Faith

Lecomte Vernet Charles Emile Hippolyte Femme Fella

Leickert Charles A Village Along A River A Town In

Leickert Charles A Winter Landscape With Skaters O

Leickert Charles Figures Loading A Horse Drawn Car

Leickert Charles Henri A River Landscape With Figu

Leickert Charles Henri Joseph A Dutch Street Scene

Leickert Charles Henri Joseph A Dutch Town In Wint

Leickert Charles Henri Joseph A Frozen Winter Land

Leickert Charles Henri Joseph A Village Snow Scene

Leickert Charles Henri Joseph Figures In A Dutch T

Leickert Charles Henri Joseph Figures On A Frozen

Leickert Charles Henri Joseph Figures On The snow

Leickert Charles Henri Joseph The Frozen River

Leickert Charles Henri Joseph Villagers On A Froze

Leickert Charles Henri Joseph Winter And Summer Ca

Leickert Charles Henri Joseph Winter And Summer Ca

Leickert Charles Skaters In A Frozen Winter Landsc

Leickert Charles Skaters On A Frozen Lake By The R

Leickert Charles View In A German Village With Was

Lenoir Charles Amable A Dance By The Sea

Lenoir Charles Amable A Nymph In The Forest

Lenoir Charles Amable La Baigneuse

Lenoir Charles Amable Pensive

Lenoir Charles Amable Portrait of a young girl wit

Lenoir Charles Amable The Cherrypicker 1900

Lenoir Charles Amable The Pink Rose

Lenoir Charles Amable The Seamtress

Lenoir Charles Amable The Spinner By The Sea

Lenoir Charles Eugenie Lucchesi

Lenoir Charles La Mandoline

Lenoir Charles Meditation 1899

Lenoir Charles Paysage pres de sa maison de Fouras

Lenoir Charles Reve d Orient

leys henri the edict of charles v

Lidderdale Charles Sillem Knitting

Lidderdale Charles Sillem Pensierosa

Lidderdale Charles Sillem Petulance

Lidderdale Charles Sillem The Exiled Jacobite

Mancini Antonio Portrait Of Elizabeth And Charles

Mr Johnstone~s Charles XII in a Stable

ORLEY Bernaert van Portrait Of Charles V

Pearce Charles Sprague Woman of the Directoire c18

Pearce Charles Sprangue The Shawl

Perugini Charles In The Orangery

Perugini Charles Miss Helen Lindsay

Portrait of Charles Crowle

Portrait of Charles de Solier, Lord of Morette

Portrait of Charles Le Brun

Portrait of Charles le Normant du Coudray

Portrait of Charles VII of France

Portrait of Elizabeth and Charles Williamson with

Portrait of George Charles Pratt, Earl of Brecknoc

Portrait of Mr Charles Sinkler

Portrait of Mrs Charles Frederic Toppan

Portrait woman , Charles Max

Rahoult Charles Diodore Allegory Of Autumn

Rahoult Charles Diodore Allegory Of Spring

Rahoult Charles Diodore Allegory Of Summer

Rahoult Charles Diodore Allegory Of Winter

Solari Andrea Charles d Amboise

St Charles Cares for the Plague Victims of Milan

The Honourable Charles Wolfran Cornwall