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Most Famous
19th Century
Original Painting
Custom Painting
Mural Painting
-19th Century Important
   Oil Paintings

  -Adrianus Eversen
  -Alfred Von Wierusz Kowalski
  -Arthur John Elsley
  -Bernardus Johannes Blommers
  -Charles Leickert
  -Frank BHoffman
  -Federico Andreotti
  -Fritz Wagner
  -Georges Antoine Rochegrosse
  -Georges Jules Victor Clairin
  -George Willem Opdenhoff
  -George Wright
  -Harry Brooker
  -Henry Moore
  -Henry Scott
  -Heywood Hardy
  -James Tissot
  -Jan Frederik Pieter Portielje
  -Jan Weissenbruch Spohler
  -Jan Walraven
  -Josef Holstayn
  -Joseph Felon
  -Johan Laurentz Jensen
  -Julien Dupre
  -Leon Agustin Lhermite
  -Leon Francois Comerre
  -Louise Abbema
  -Ludwig Hans Fischer
  -Montague Dawson
  -Wilhelm Kuhnert
  -William Clarke Wontner

+American Impressionism

+Economical Paintings

Johannes Mauritz Jansen 

A Basket Of Pink And White And Red Roses With Honeysuckle

Red, Pink And White Roses And Orange,
Yellow and Pink Primroses In An Etruscan Vase On A Marble Base

Roses In A Glass Vase, With Yellow Buttercups,
Forget-Me-Nots And Cheekweed On A Marble Ledge

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