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Feeding The Calf
by Peder Mork Monsted       207$, 24x17 inches
Moses and the Golden Calf
by Beccafumi Domenico      207$, 24x35 inches
A Taste for Literature
by Charles Conder      80$, 20x24 inches
fun calf
Worship of the Golden Calf
by Francken Frans II      207$, 24x17 inches
Worshipping of the Golden Calf
by Lucas van Leyden      207$, 24x32 inches
Moose with her Calf in a Landscape
by Wilhelm Kuhnert      207$, 24x13 inches
Ponies, A Calf and Poultry In a Farmyard
by Walter Hunt       207$, 24x16 inches
BECCAFUMI Domenico Moses And The Golden Calf
by Domenico Beccafumi      207$, 24x35 inches
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