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Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa pintura al óleo by Leonardo Da Vinci
a(n) Leonardo Da Vinci pintura al óleo

Mona Lisa, by Leonardo Da Vinci The common wisdom is Leonardo started the Mona Lisa painting in 1503, it took almost four years, he hold it himself for a long time. Historians think Mona Lisa was possibly Leonado's favourite work, the other possible reason is it hasn't been finished. Years later, Mona Lisa was purchased by the King of France, the likely price was 4000 gold crowns. This painting got its fame because of that price and collector. Mona Lisa then was kept in the Louvre. The unsettled question is who originally commissioned this painting.The other question is: Whose portrait is it ? Till now, there was no certain answer. Some said her name was Isabella of Aragon, a Milan Duchess widow, the veil is the evidence. Other people regard her as mistress of Giuliano de' Medici, as to the veil, it's very usual for a married woman at that time. Recent study by modern equipment scanning show Leonardo had painted her in a different way, her hair attached at the back of the head to a bonnet, instead of loosely hanging down. This new discover supports the first view of her identity.Her smile is a typical Leonardo style, some spectulated that the smiling way came from his mother. other extreme deduction is it's a self portrait of Leonardo., 100% pintado a mano

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Note:24 X 16 inch = 61 CM X 41 CM
         30 X 20 inch = 76 CM X 51 CM
         45 X 30 inch = 114 CM X 41 CM


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